“Mike Pompeo Threatens To Intervene In British Democracy To Stop Corbyn Becoming Prime Minister”

“Mike Pompeo Threatens To Intervene In British Democracy To Stop Corbyn Becoming Prime Minister” by Alex Tiffin https://link.medium.com/RTt2XiwEsX

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TCGOP and Dr. Shafi

 Listening to the news about the Tarrant County GOP trying to remove Dr. Shafi, a Muslim who is a city council member in Southlake, from an appointed position as a county vice chair.
                      I was wondering what are his chances if he decides to run for a party office rather than a public office? You would think running for public office would be harder because the entire community must elect you not just party activists or precinct chairs.    I am a Muslim and I am the Committeeman from Senate District 10, representing most of Tarrant County at the State Democratic Executive Committee. I won this party position in 2016 and was re elected again in 2018. I would assume the extreme majority of the delegates to the Democratic State Conventions, were I was elected, knew that I am a Muslim. But this issue has never came up not even one time. Our party is diverse and welcoming of ALL Texans no matter your color, religion, ethnic background or your sexual orientation. When I look at our people at events, meetings or conventions, I see what America looks like. Folks, The Democratic party is the future of America.
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Equality clause

 All men are created equal. That’s what the founding fathers enshrined in the US constitution. No nobility, heir to the throne or religious authority is above the law.
                 This is a country of laws not of men. The Separation of church and state made sure that people have the right to worship any deity they want or lack thereof. At the same time, it made sure that no religious personality can claim authority based on their relationship to God.
                    The Equality clause was for Free White men then our democracy evolved to include women and minorities after the women’s rights and Civil rights movements.
       Our constitution is the most dynamic document between all other countries constitutions. It is a document that was written in a way were it is flexible and rigid at the same time.    What did the equality clause mean to America ? creativity. It leashed the individuality in our fellow countrymen and women. Being equal gives people the power to invent and think of tangible and intangible issues. To challenge the status quo. It created the entrepreneur to invent planes, cars , computers, movies , write novels and poetry that no one had thought off before.
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I am sharing ‘ To achieve peace and stop terrorism !!.docx’ with you from OneDrive – Personal


Here’s the link to the file:


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Vote allows Palestinian flag to be raised over UN – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-34216151

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The Palestinian Museum to open on 15 May 2016

The Palestinian Museum

The Palestinian Museum The Palestinian Museum

The Museum will connect Palestinians throughout historic Palestine and the diaspora

Ramallah (19/8/2015) – May 15, 2016 has been confirmed as the opening date for the Palestinian Museum.  The Museum, whose hub in Birzeit (25 km north of Jerusalem), is to act as a link between Palestinians in historic Palestine and those living in the diaspora. It will be dedicated to preserving and celebrating the culture, society and history of Palestine over the past two centuries.

The Museum’s director, Jack Persekian, has issued a general invitation to Palestinians living in historic Palestine and the diaspora to join with the Museum in producing and presenting new narratives of the Palestinian people, encompassing its history of dispersion, resistance, steadfast and hope.

The opening date coincides with the 68th anniversary of the Nakba, the watershed event that led to the displacement and dispossession of over 60% of the Palestinian population…

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American Muslims can they become a cohesive political force in the 2016 elections | Turkey Agenda


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